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ABOUT Continental Property Group

Personalized management for the 21st century

Founded in 1985 Continental Property Group is dedicated to developing and operating apartment buildings and complexes at a superior cost basis throughout Fairfield County. Through vertical integration, Continental Property Group handles all business in-house, with expertise in leasing, construction and property management, development and general contracting.



CPG focuses on urban and suburban infill markets managing apartments for individuals and companies that own property in Fairfield County. Management has over 40 years of experience developing and investing in this market.  


CPG targets value-add properties that are well-located assets at a total cost below replacement value, with prospects of improving fundaments. CPG can rehab distressed properties at a significant discount while significantly improving the cash flows The current property portfolio includes residential space valued at over $3+ million in greater Fairfield County, Connecticut

Aerial View of a Suburb
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