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Continental Property Group is the premier property management and concierge services firm in Fairfield County. 

Our goal is to improve the quality and richness of your life by protecting your investment and freeing you from time-consuming, low gratification errands.

Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

We'll take care of everything from comprehensive estate management to errand and concierge services.

We pride ourselves on excellent service and professional expertise while maintaining the strictest confidentiality of our clients. You deserve to have the same level of comfort and convenience in your home as you find in your favorite hotel. Imagine coming home and finding your home ready for your arrival. You walk in to discover fresh local flowers, your favorite beverages chilling, and a refrigerator stocked with local produce and gourmet foods.

No need to spend your time in crowded lines or on contractors.

Your to-do list just got much shorter and your weekends longer. Spend your time doing the things you genuinely enjoy. 

Continental property Group simplifies your home ownership by maintaining, preparing and protecting your investment!

All our services are tailored to meet your needs. Feel free to call or email us with any questions

Beige House
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